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Residential & Rental Services

We focus on the following Three R’s: relationship, retention, and reputation in our residential and rental services. In a saturated and evolving rental market, AMYI recognizes the need for companies to maintain brand awareness and encourage future engagement. Our emphasis on the Three R’s provides the opportunity to accentuate your company’s value and service.


Today’s prospects seek assurance that residential companies deliver high-quality services, relative to the value they receive. We offer various arrangements ranging in size. Regardless of your arrangement choice, a small gesture can go a long way in improving a client’s outlook on your brand. Show your residents you value their tenancy with a token of appreciation!



Managing a residential building offers enough unique challenges to your plate – let us take care of the marketing! Expand your marketing efforts with AMYI’s Business Development Service. We source quality products based on your budget for promotional efforts of any occasion. Our products can be used to satisfy your company’s needs from:

  • Employee & Staff Appreciation

  • Guerilla Marketing

  • Holiday & Celebrations

  • Resident Appreciation

  • Resident Life Events



Welcome your short-term rentals with a personalized touch for a home away from home! Delight your guests using curated AMYI gifts for every visit and occasion. Stand out from the crowd with a service tailored to match your brand and diverse clientele. Contact us for a quote today.

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